Rinicom has developed several advanced bespoke camera solutions to meet specific customer needs.
These include UAV, covertly deployed and Day/Night cameras

Cameras with fixed focal lengths that can be switched to reduce zoom noise in covert deployments

UAV camera, lightweight and small, with RC-PWM control for image sensor switching

Lightweight camera with full HD video and parallel thermal video

The EyeQuad UAV camera is designed for use on UAV platforms.

It is an advanced surveillance product that features four independent image sensors. Each sensor offers a different level of zoom. Standard focal lengths are currently available; however, the lenses can be replaced to meet customer requirements.

The EyeQuad UAV camera

The EyeQuad camera is designed for covert surveillance operations deployed remotely in buildings of opportunity or in vehicles for example. The EyeQuad camera has a very small form factor with pan and tilt and switchable zoom lenses.

The darkEye camera

The darkEye camera is a fully integrated HD and thermal optical capability with PTZ.  The optical payload is a standard Sony HD block that can operate under several low light level modes with built in image stabilisation.  The thermal camera is fitted with a 35mm lens providing NATO detection out to 1.6km.  Camera control is supported using the Pelco-D protocols providing the PTZ functions, pre-sets and other camera parameters.

Key Features

  • Switchable zoom lenses to reduce zoom noise on covert operations
  • Lightweight
  • Small form factor
  • HD and thermal cameras with integrated PTZ