SKY PATRIOT - Drone Detection

Sky Patriot is an optics based UAV detection system.
It is a passive solution that can detect and classify a UAV at ranges up to 800m.

Multiple drones simultaneously detected

The system uses Rinicom's algorithms and analytics for drone detection

The optical detection uses a fixed camera with a designated Field of View (FoV)

The optical camera hands over the detection to a PTZ camera for classification and to reduce false positives

The extensive analytics library contains numerous drone optic signatures

All video and analytics derived meta data is stored for evidential use

Fixed EO camera with a 30° FoV

The Sky Patriot system uses a fixed EO camera with a 30° FoV to detect drones up to 800m.

Commercial and Defence Applications

Sky Patriot is designed to alert users when a drone has entered into the target airspace. The system has many commercial and defence applications, for example: Prisons, Airports, and Places of Interest.

The system is scalable in that multiple entities of Sky Patriot can be deployed and integrated to deliver a detection system with specific areas of coverage. 

Key Features

  • Passive EO and PTZ drone detection system
  • Rinicom analytical software developed and optimised for drone detection
  • Typical detection range of 1,200m with a 30° FoV
  • Detection ranges can be varied by increasing or decreasing the FoV
  • PTZ camera for classification
  • Tripod or mast deployable
  • System is scalable and can be positioned to cover different areas of interest

Product data sheet

Datasheet coming soon.
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