Who we are?

Rinicom Ltd is a Lancaster, UK based, privately owned SME specialising in providing state-of-the art solutions
for Wireless Broadband Communications, Wireless Video Surveillance and First Responder applications.

Innovative Technology

As a leading edge technology provider, Rinicom continuing to innovate in many areas, including:

Drone detection, tracking and classification (Sky Patriot), where improvements to both the hardware and software for the Sky Patriot drone detection system have been undertaken. These enhancements in detection range and classification accuracy have been verified by satisfied customers in numerous installations worldwide.

Camera solutions, various integrated solutions for military, navy and civilian applications are being designed to support a variety of challenging applications and improve on health and safety.

Secure Radio, our IP Mesh radio products are continually being improved and the latest version using software defined radio (SDR) is in the final stage of development. This strategy is part of the product roadmap to ensure that Rinicom continue to deliver state-of-the art solutions for wireless communications and surveillance.

R&D projects

Rinicom has a good track record in participating in FP6, FP7 and more recently H2020 EU Programmes. Currently Rinicom is an SME industrial Partner in the following H2020 projects; UNITY (653729) in which they are responsible for developing the commincations platform for Community policing throughout Europe, NEXES (653337) in which Rinicom is the coordinator, responsible for providing the next generation in emergency core service systems. Further projects include Inter IoT (687283) which reviews the multi-layered approach integrating different IoT devices, networks, platforms, services and applications will allow a global continuum of data, infrastructures and services that can will enable different IoT scenarios and TENSOR (700024), which focuses on the retrieval and analysis of heterogeneous online content for terrorist activity recognition. Previously Rinicom has also participated in the FP7 Programme; PPDR-TC (313015) which reviewed the next generation of communication for first responders. 

Integrated Solutions

Rinicom’s portfolio of products continues to grow through new projects and through integration work with partners.

Some examples of our product integration include:

Sky Patriot being the preferred EO drone detection sensor in the L3-ASA Drone Guardian solution as well as for the SkyArcher C-UAS developed by ST Electronics (Singapore). Sky Patriot is being used as the detection sensor in the Kirintec Sky Net Detect solution.

DarkEye is the day/night camera chosen for the C4i Systems C-Quad, a highly manoeuvrable C4ISTAR ATV platform.

Mission statement

“To become the leading provider of state-of-the-art technical solutions for wireless video surveillance and wireless broadband communications,
enabling our customers to rapidly and profitably deploy the best possible systems.”

“Interview with Frost & Sullivan by Rinicom CEO”

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Familiarity with Standards

Familiarity with Standards

Rinicom is an ISO 9001:2015 and an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and has good understanding of both military and civilian standards. In particular, Rinicom has a detailed understanding of all the IEEE 802.16*, 3GPP standards (IMT-Advanced), and NATO IST-118 standards. 

Our award

In 2003 Rinicom Ltd received UK Governmental Award for innovation and technology. The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) SMART Award is recognition of Rinicom’s contribution to the development of advanced broadcasting and wireless video surveillance systems.

Engineering Skills and Company Structure

Rinicom Ltd currently employs 27 (FTE) staff 23 of which are R&D engineers with PhD and MSc degrees. This high percentage of R&D personnel reflects Rinicom's commitment to innovation, provision of novel state-of-the-art solutions and the desire to operate with low overheads, providing our customers with the most efficient solutions.

Grant Funded Projects